Say the thing

Ever have that feeling that something must be said? That deep within, in that soulful place that whispers and moves you without you even realizing it sometimes; that an action, activity must happen or words must be released?

That the person before you needs something. A kind word? A smile? A genuine how are you and a listening ear?

I feel like we hide ourselves away from this intuition by turning away from opportunitirs for social exchanges, especially now with fear of covid and years of isolation.

Humans are social beings. We were never meant to be alone. To be so disconnected. So when you have that soul itch to say something, to show kindness or offer your soul to another soul – even for a moment, be there. Be present. Give that gift of your spirit and presence. You never know who it could help or save or even how much it could mean for you.


  1. Christy · April 20

    Sometimes I struggle with this because this leaves an open door for negative e very when you are learning how to cope with something personal and you’re trying to start from the outside noise . However , this does help keep me sane because I know exactly who I can go to just “say the thing” or vent or ask how they are doing , regardless of the answer because it feeds my soul to listen and be there for someone . It also releases endorphins .


    • missycooper1 · April 19

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I totally agree, helping others fills your own bucket while filling theirs! These days we could all use a little more connection and love. Sending love your way!


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