How do we measure our life?

As I reflect on another birthday, I cant help but think how life is measured. Is it years? Successes? Family? Career? Money? Fame? Wrinkles?

I recall in developmental psychology we discussed chronological age, biological age and emotional age. So that translates into either how long have you been on earth, how old your body is based on nutrition and environmental factors and how old you feel?

As I celebrate my 2nd COVID19 birthday I decided to give myself an average age combining the 3 types. In my totally unscientific calculation, I am happy to report I’m not a day over 29! I have settled on this age for many years. I felt like I had it all figured out. I had met the man who I would share my life with. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had bought my first home and life was good. Life was amazing. There have been soaring ups and tragic downs but each day I wake with my heart full, my smile bright, my family close and I thank God for another day.

We don’t know how many we will get. We don’t know how many we will get with the ones we love, but today…TODAY is ours. Today we can do something great. Today we can make a positive impact. Today we can say the thing that would make our heart full to the person who matters. Today we can live and love and laugh and celebrate.

So celebrate today yall! Enjoy this St. Patrick’s day and the gifts that tomorrow brings.

By missycooper1

I studied Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of South Florida. I enjoy learning and teaching. I began blogging as a way to capture moments of engagement with clients as well as personal discoveries. Counseling for me, is a way to go on a journey with someone in an incredibly meaningful way. I am honored to help them see the things they may be overlooking, and observe in awe upon the lifechanging breakthroughs they encounter along the way. People are amazing beings, we sometimes need to be reminded of that.

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