Being Present Change Life lessons

Why is it?

Why is it that when we have nothing to do we want to do everything, and when we have too much to do we only want a slice of time to do nothing?  Yet when given a chance at either, we still end up feeling disappointed?

As I begin this blog I will ask and attempt to answer the questions such as these that perplex the human condition.  My hope is that my background in counseling will open minds and provoke thought.  For those that are interested in partaking on this journey, welcome!

So, as I lie here on my couch this fine Saturday evening, watching yet another movie on TNT, in and out of consciousness, oh naps…glorious naps…I work to muster the energy to get all dolled up for date night with my hubby.  And I ask, why is it when I have a million things to do during the week, and all I want to do is relax, that when I do relax I want to do something fun, but yet when the proposition of fun is brought to me I am less than encouraged to partake in this outing?

My initial thought take me to this amazing experience in Foundations of Mental Health Counseling.  A volunteer was requested to demonstrate the empty chair technique, we were working on the understanding the dual nature of personality.  I was the client, my teacher the counselor, what took place deeply changed the way I viewed myself.  I was asked to think of two sides of myself.  I came up with “busy bee” and “bum”.  Busy bee was the side of my personality that takes charge and goes and goes and goes.  This part of me had trouble telling others no, and would take care of everyone else in my life and their needs before addressing my own.  Then there was bum, this was the part of me that likes to relax and appreciate things in life.  Bum is never in a hurry to get things done, she says, oh, you worry too much!  It will get done, and ya know…if you didn’t stay so busy all the time maybe it would be easier for me to meet deadlines, maybe I would not HAVE to slow you down.  So, my realization was that I did too much, I overscheduled myself, had a problem with being late and discovered I really wasn’t that happy.  Over time I have found that routine and balance bring me peace and allow me to take care of me and the ones I love, and that makes me happy.  The past couple of months I have been stretching myself thin with work and Internship and other required obligations.  Reflecting on this exercise I did many years ago is reminder that I have to stop, evaluate where I am spending my time and try to find balance so that I can maintain peace and happiness.  So, why is it that when we have nothing to do we want to do everything, and when we have too much to do we only want a slice of time to do nothing?  Yet when given a chance at either, we still end up feeling disappointed?  Perhaps because we lose focus of what is really important to us.  The best way to get out of a funk is to do something!  So, off I go to get ready for a fun evening out with my hubby and friends.

By missycooper1

I studied Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of South Florida. I enjoy learning and teaching. I began blogging as a way to capture moments of engagement with clients as well as personal discoveries. Counseling for me, is a way to go on a journey with someone in an incredibly meaningful way. I am honored to help them see the things they may be overlooking, and observe in awe upon the lifechanging breakthroughs they encounter along the way. People are amazing beings, we sometimes need to be reminded of that.

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